About StaticDelivr

At StaticDelivr, we are committed to making open-source projects more accessible and easier to use for developers worldwide. Our platform provides an efficient and reliable way to deliver assets, libraries, and resources for open-source projects.

As an open-source enthusiast, you know how critical it is to have a fast and efficient way to deliver your projects to users. With StaticDelivr, you can deliver your assets with ease, no matter the size or complexity of your project. Plus, our platform integrates seamlessly with popular package managers like npm and GitHub, making it easy for developers to integrate your project into their workflow.

Our team is dedicated to supporting the open-source community by providing a free and open platform for developers to share and collaborate on their projects. With StaticDelivr, you can be confident that your assets are being delivered quickly and securely to developers worldwide.

We believe that open-source development is the future of software development, and we are committed to providing the tools and resources that developers need to make their projects successful. Join us today and see how StaticDelivr can help you take your open-source project to the next level.

What We Are Focused On

Open-Source Development

We believe in the power of open-source development and are committed to supporting the community with our platform.

Developer Experience

We strive to make the developer experience as seamless as possible by integrating with popular package managers and providing reliable and fast delivery of assets.

Collaboration and Sharing

We are dedicated to providing a platform for developers to collaborate and share their projects with the world.

Performance and Reliability

We know how important it is to have fast and reliable delivery of your assets. That's why we're committed to delivering your assets quickly and securely.